Water is lovely and soft and no longer firs up the shower glass and head and it actually cleans off the old furred up glass. I then bought this water softener and had it for two years now. Wish I’d bought one years ago – before the hard water semi-destroyed the washing machine. The hoses come in good length so they should suit all applications. Very quickly dispatched and easy to fit. I got a plumber to install the unit which cost me pounds. Ce Week end j’aide a l’installation d’un autre Adoucisseur.

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This Filter Tap was delivered sooner than expected and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. Not surprisingly, it’s also leaving appreciably fewer mineral deposits in my water distiller, resulting in easier cleaning of the distiller. Within minutes of switching on the unit, the water hardness from the cold tap had reduced from ppm to 0ppm according to the water test kit I bought from Screwfix. Also the existing outlet tap has developed a severe leak, now is poop right time to completely replace our filtered drinking water system. It was very easy to install, its an excellent water filter, i would recommend to purchase. Ca fait des années que je voulais installer un adoucisseur, le prix de celui-ci m’a convaincu de tester et je ne regrette absolument pas. My softener arrived on time and was in good order.

I rate the softener 5 out of 5 and would recommend it to anybody.

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Il fonctionne depuis presque dayy.bsp mois sans problème malgré des coupures électriques. Small crack to lid on delivery but we can live with it. I bought this softener to replace an existing one inherited when buying a house. This a water filtering system that we bought for our office. I also no longer have to spend stupid money on bottled water.


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Programing was Fairly straight forward, once we pokl found how hard our water was Google and day.bep working out which figure corresponded to the program requirements. I now know the one it has replaced probably was not working correctly at all during its lifetime with me. Purely due to the water softener using tablet salt to soften the water it has to leave small amounts of sodium in the water, plus it removes most of the good minerals in the water.

Bon rapport qualité prix.

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It doesn’t use as much salt as I thought it would but I think I may have the settings low for the ppm of lime. Although i was a pool skeptical when I first ordered it, I was amazed at the difference the system makes.

Deux fois moins cher que les adoucisseurs des magasins de bricolage avec pool même qualité de finition et les mêmes technologies. Unfortunately at the time of writing my original review I was changing 2 radiators unfortunately one kept on leaking! I conatcted water2buy and they with out any fuss immediately posted to my a new connector which I fitted and poil the system remains watertight. Guide pour installation compréhensible.

L’adaptateur livré était une version anglaise, 1 mail au SAV et 1 semaine plus tard j’avais un colis dans ma boite et un mail d’excuses avec le bon adapteur en version européenne. Connection to water supply is inadequate, gave up with this and had to buy a connector. I started to plan the installation.


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Bonjour, J’ai sélectionné et acheté ce produit pour une famille de 4 personnes pas gaspilleuses d’eau. Un résultat très satisfaisant.

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J’ai maintenant une eau bien douce. Installation was really very straightforward indeed. Now it is working well.

What can you say about these units. I’ve had this for 3 or 4 months and so far it’s brilliant. Water softener was delivered and had a broken blue lid in transit, in the end Water2buy replaced FOC.

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Mot de passe oublié? Can dayy.bsp fault it. Not the easiest to install or set up and it takes up more space than they suggest as you have to allow room to get the salt in. Le produit semble être robuste et la programmation est assez simple.

Even though it was quite cheap and reasonable price it is poor quality.

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Clear Instructions, fast delivery and a great price. Very good product at low price. I advise anyone installing any water softener to do as I have done; add a bypass pipe. In the end I decided that my basic diy skills lool plenty and ordered this unit.